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All About Inexpensive SSL Certificates

When you're getting a website up and running, there is a huge amount to consider. From amount of bandwidth you need to amount of storage to what form of hosting you need, perhaps getting an inexpensive SSL certificate is not on your mind. For some types of sites, it would be unnecessary to have an SSL certificate. They are generally intended for things that require high levels of security, like a personal login to an important site, your email account, banking logins, and other high level operations. Still, some websites that may be targets of attack, such as forums focusing on hacking, may opt to get an SSL certificate so that visitors can know someone has not tampered with the website. Let's take a look at why these are so crucial in some cases.

If you're trying to build any trust in any site, you will need an SSL certificate. While this may sound complicated, it is very easy to integrate with your site, especially with the assistance of our Client Care team. Even though it's so easy to install, it is very hard to tamper with. Not only that, but it gives visitors an added sense of security if they are sending you sensitive information. It gives them confidence that they are giving information only to you and not a hacker. It adds 256 bits of encryption to your site using advanced security technology. It would be extremely difficult to break through this and trick visitors into thinking the hacker is the legitimate administrator of the site, and although possible in theory, there is no record of this ever being done successfully.

So by now, you're probably wondering what getting an inexpensive SSL certificate from us entails. You are most likely concerned about money, since many hosting sites advertise this as an expensive, top of the line feature, only available to people with lots of money to spend. Even if you do have lots of money to spend, we let you save it to buy other things (maybe even a dedicated server)! It costs you under $20, but we don't just hand you some code and run. We will help you set it up, and there are very easy ways to test to make sure the certificate actually works, since the last thing you would want with an SSL certificate is to have it say you are not who you say you are!

We will even issue it a second time for no fee in case it is somehow lost or anything else happens to it. We care about your security just as much as you do, and we will do everything we can to help you have a trustworthy and stable online presence. While we offer top notch server solutions as well as shared hosting solutions, these cannot verify your identity alone without an SSL certificate. That being said, along with our other services, we are so confident you will like it that we will refund your money if you are dissatisfied within thirty days after ordering.


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