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Shared Hosting in the UK

Many shared hosting providers either do not allow you to choose a country, or they have a list of major countries that does not include the UK. Many of the particularly cheap providers even claim that it isn't necessary to host a website on shared hosting in the UK because it is "fast enough" to just host it in a cheaper country such as India or Russia. The fact of the matter is that this could not be further from the truth. Shared hosting in the UK is obviously ideal if you are catering to an audience within the United Kingdom. Because of the country's geographic nature (surrounded by water and a bit isolated in general, especially comparing it to most other European countries), hosting a website in a foreign country can bring up latency problems, and at worst, it can cause content availability issues (making it essentially a non-functional website). This means it may cause issues with loading time and connection stability, among other things.

Shared hosting in the UK is ideal if you are a hobbyist or an aspiring artist. Or perhaps you are a student trying to make a personal portfolio for employment application. Regardless, it is perfect if you're running a website intended to receive a good amount of traffic, but not as much as a major business. It's already stressful enough being a student or a worker, and that's why we don't limit your bandwidth (amount of data we use to send your website to others) nor the storage (amount of data you can park on your shared server). Many customers and employers alike evaluate how professional a website is by how quickly it loads and how seamlessly bandwidth-intensive features are integrated. Making the mistake of hosting your website on a foreign shared server can make load times horrendous and access unreliable.

If you're interested in our offerings in shared hosting in the UK, we offer several tiers of pricing. Unlike our competitors, our pricing on shared hosting in the USA is the same as our pricing on shared hosting in the UK, so you're free to pick whichever is closest to your visitors, not whichever one is easier on your wallet. Starting off a website can be somewhat disconcerting, since there are so many variables. With our shared hosting, you don't have the worries that dedicated server causes. We have a team who manages server security, so you can just work on your website. If you were to have a dedicated server, you would need to consider many other factors, like what operating system you have, what software you're running, what ports are open, and so many other little technical factors that you might just decide having a site is not worth it.

We have a support staff around the clock waiting to assist you with problems with ordering and beyond! With our daily backup guarantee, as well as our 30 days' money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying to start your online future with us today!


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