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Shared Hosting in the USA

Finding really great shared hosting in the USA can be hard to find. In a nutshell, shared hosting is an economical way of hosting a website that does not require the resources of a dedicated server. Most home and hobby websites will fall under this category. However, some shared hosting providers will saturate their connections. This means that essentially, some providers will take your money and put you on an overloaded server. Your website will always either load slowly or not at all, and in the worst case, a server crash could delete all your site data. This is a significant problem, since many users will not come back to a website that is chronically unavailable or exceedingly slow. Many small businesses and even users who are trying to build a fan base for their site do not understand just how detrimental this is, and they cannot figure out why they cannot grow.

We started this service because we realized that there is a market need for solid shared hosting. The USA is one of the most desirable locations for shared hosting, because it has a good economy and is close to other English and Spanish speaking countries. The reason you should pick shared hosting in the USA is that the ping time can vary based on location. This means that, while shared hosting in a country like India may be cheaper, your visitors will have to wait a good bit longer before they can connect to your server. When the server is closer to the reader (such as Chicago to Canada), loading times are far shorter and the connection is much more stable. This can have a long term impact that determines whether someone returns to your site or decides not to.

Our shared hosting service in the USA is located in Chicago. Chicago's unique location and high quality, top-tier data center gives good ping times to much of the world. Because it is located near the middle of the United States, people in most areas of the USA can access the server without much hassle. By selecting this shared hosting, you are saving lots of money in the long term, and our plans are for anything from a small personal site to a big business network! While all plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth (no data limits), and are even backed up daily so you don't need to worry about a server crash, the Standard and Express packages, priced at $2.75 and $3.75 a month, respectively, are intended for home users. The cheapest allows for just one domain, while the Express allows for up to five separate domains to use the service.

Even if you do not understand the difference between a dedicated server and shared hosting, it does not matter. Our support team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, can walk you through any problems and answer any questions you may have about the service. For our shared hosting in the USA plans, we accept PayPal as well as major credit cards


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