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VPS Hosting in Australia

It can be confusing to know the differences among the types of hosting you can have. For example, most people know that shared hosting means you share one large server with several other clients. It's also fairly intuitive to understand that a dedicated server means the person who rents it is the only person who is able to add files to it. However, many do not know what exactly a VPS is. It stands for Virtual Private Server and could be viewed as a sort of hybrid between a dedicated server and a shared server. VPS hosting in Australia can be hard to come by, since Australia is tucked away on the globe, although it is a fairly large economic power.

With a VPS, you can have the benefits of a dedicated server but not the bill of a dedicated server, with a few caveats. For example, you can configure a VPS with its own operating system just like with a dedicated server. A VPS even "thinks" it is its own physical server. It is a virtual server in the sense that you have full autonomy over everything internally, but it still relies on resources from one physical server that other virtual servers share. Of course, responsible hosting companies like ours ensure that users are never overcrowded, and so it should not be noticeable that resources are being shared unless one client is being particularly abusive, and we will mitigate the situation.

If you live in Australia, you may notice that you have high ping times to almost every website. That is because, as we mentioned earlier, Australia is very far away geographically from many high power data centers. Any person who is trying to market products in Australia or who is just trying to have a successful business that relies on the internet in Australia would be very wise to take advantage of our great prices on VPS hosting in Australia. Especially if you have a computing background, there is no downside. You can make a configuration that works best for you and test it, but no physical damage is done if something goes wrong. At most, you can "reboot" your machine using a tool called "OpenVZ." This is the set of virtual tools that emulate physical tools you would have on a physical server.

If you feel it is too slow, or that you are sharing it with too many people, then you are always able to upgrade to one of our dedicated server plans in Australia. While a VPS is great, it does have limitations. If you are hosting a memory intensive application, for example, chances are good that if it is used in any significant amount, you should go with a dedicated server. Unlike some competitors who make you pay to "rent" usage of a proprietary operating system, our boxes use a free one,

If you're interested, we offer four Australian VPS plans: OVZ Box 7, 8, 9, and 10. Feel free to check out all the individual features below. Note that we offer full root access on EVERY plan, giving you maximum flexibility!


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